FinLync combines multi-bank API connectivity and ERP-native apps to help forward-thinking global treasury and finance professionals make the shift to real-time, effortlessly. Your IT team will love FinLync, too.  

  • Multi-bank APIs provides treasury management teams instant, real-time connectivity to all your data at all your banks - whenever you want it, anywhere in the world
  • Never copy/paste again. With FinLync, your bank data is totally integrated into your ERP software
  • Because it’s a native install (unlike the third party connections typical of treasury management systems), your apps are up and running in a matter of weeks, not months
  • IT enjoys dramatically reduced maintenance needs and fewer overall systems to manage, while significantly improving security
  • Turns your treasury management operation into a real-time powerhouse in a way legacy treasury management software systems can't

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Benefits of Finlync



FinLync apps are simple to use and provide access to all your bank APIs, saving time while automatically harmonizing data for instant access and analyses.



There’s nothing faster than now: real-time connectivity allows you to pull the data you need when you need it, not on your banks’ schedules



As an ERP-native app, FinLync applies your existing authorizations and permissions automatically, increasing security without burdening IT